Bruno’s Italian Bistro

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Bruno's Italian Bistro


Reliable, Reasonable and Relaxing

My wife and I have dined at Bruno's on several occasions - i.e., whenever we get to the east side of Denver (we live in Boulder) - and we've never been disappointed. This time we took our daughter and grandson there after a soccer game and, once again, have nothing but praise for the owner and staff at Bruno's. It was a weekend and, as is usual on weekends, Bruno's was jammed with locals. We started with the Calamari, which is always excellent. Then ordered two linguine carbonara, a fettuccine Alfredo and a veal parmigiana. All were excellent. We recently returned from Italy and I can honestly say that eating at Bruno's is as close to having a home-cooked Italian meal as you can get. We enjoyed a bottle of Rojo Grenache - which was on special - and it too was delicious. We finished the meal with a chocolate gelato, a wonderful tiramisu and Bruno's very good coffee. Bruno's is not a "foodie" place - as that term is usually used - and I think it would be a mistake to try to change the menu to become one. What it is is truly a neighborhood gem, where you can enjoy delicious and authentic Italian food and hospitality at a very reasonable price. My advice to the owner(s): don't change a thing! And thank you for another great dining experience


Debbie F. Denver, CO  5 star rating 12/15/2008  Bruno's Italian Bistro

I gave Bruno's five stars because there wasn't one tiny thing wrong with anything that we ate there. The fact that it's in a strip mall totally goes by the way side after you eat the wonderful food. My snapper with a garlic sauce and sauteed veggie's was to DIE for and my husband's veal parm was absolutely tasty. Another person in our group had chicken and it was prepared to perfection. The kids had spaghetti with homemade meatballs that I couldn't keep my hands off of ...

The sauces are wonderful, the cocktails were refreshing and made well and the chocolate gelato kicked butt!! The prices are amazing for what you get a great salad with the entrees ...
Run, don't walk to Bruno's .. great place for a group and if you're lucky enough to live down the street like us, you have a new favorite neighborhood bistro to call your own!!


  Review by jakennedy - Bailey, Colorado  can be found in  - Reviewed December 18, 2012 “ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS”  You cannot go wrong with Bruno's. From the appetizers to the desserts, you will not be disappointed. We have been here twice and were dazzled by everything we had. our first trip was for a private rehearsal dinner and the food just didn't stop!! The veal saltimbuca is splendid and i can't say enough about the carbonara--killer! The wait staff is top notch, the decor tasteful and the food unbelievable!! This place is a must. Thanks Bruno's--can't wait to come back again and feast.  


Lyndasy A. Denver, CO 5 star rating 2/6/2009 Bruno's Italian Bistro

I come from a long line of italians who like to eat. I would recommend Bruno's to all of them and I'm rather picky about my dining experiences.

I was skeptical given the location of Bruno's but I thought I would keep an open mind - after all I was in the mood for italian. I've lived here for 4 years and have yet to be wowed by any italian eateries in Denver thus far.

With two friends who ordered the special and the chicken marsala, I explained that I, though it may portray me as 12, was going to order the spaghetti and meatballs. You'd think spaghetti and meatballs is one of those things that's easy to do - oh - no. PLENTY of places try this and screw it up. Bruno's got it exactly right -- from the start.

We were greeted promptly and had water ready for us before asking. I had a glass of the "house special" pinot noir ($7) which was much better than I was expecting for the price. Shortly thereafter hot bread appeared on the table with olive oil.

Our meals all came with salads which were decent house salads, but what was FANTASTIC was the minestrone my friend had. She graciously offered me some. I told her I would just have one spoonful. After the second spoonful I let them know that this was in fact the best minestrone I have EVER had (sorry mom).

What made the spaghetti and meatballs so good? Not one thing, but everything. The spaghetti was al dente - so many places don't cook the pasta properly - it was perfect. The hand-rolled meatballs were just great. And the sauce. I judge most italian places on their red sauce as a central element/necessity. This sauce was clearly homemade and clearly fresh. The spice balance was exact and perfect for the spaghetti and meatballs. Just thinking about it now, I want to go back.

My friends both raved about their meals as well.

The decor is simple and nice. Dressed up enough for a nice evening out, but not stuffy to make you feel uncomfortable. Our service was also excellent and attentive.

Finally, one of the owners came over to check on us and make sure everything was ok. No, it was not ok. It was excellent.

Give this place a try and see what you've been missing out on.



“The Best Italian food in denver” - Mustlovefood denver Oct 22, 2008

I love Bruno's it is the best food I 've had in a long time. I'm very picky about my italian food and let me say it was DELICIOUS!!!!! The owner is very acommadationg and will go that extra mile to make you a happy customer. The server's are very nice and the atmosphere is so comforting. So I recommend going to Bruno's for a Fantastic dinner.


“AMAZING new Italian Restaurant in Denver”akutak denver May 15, 2008

This restaurant is amazing! For Italian food in Denver, Bruno's puts the new trendy restaurants to shame. The staff and chefs are personable and friendly... and the food is incredible, not to mention affordable. Everything from the fresh bread and olive oil dipping sauce to the chicken marsala is a culinary delight. I could not have been more pleased. Bruno's will become my first choice for Italian in Denver

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